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Sophism means..
Thursday, September 30, 2010 posted at 20:29 ♥

Dears, I just found out about this :

"Sophism : Apparently clever but flawed argument/explanation."

..and this :

"A sophism is taken as a specious argument used for deceiving someone. It might be crafted to seem logical while actually being wrong, or it might use difficult words and complicated sentences to intimidate the audience into agreeing, or it might appeal to the audience's prejudices and emotions rather than logic; e.g., raising doubts towards the one asserting, rather than his assertion. The goal of a sophism is often to make the audience believe the writer or speaker to be smarter than he or she actually is; e.g., accusing another of sophistry for using persuasion techniques." resource

..and find out what wikipedia says about sophism in modern usage (need to scroll down till before it reach the bottom page) :


LOL. Funny it is (- -")

Kata orang, nama kita melambangkan keperibadian kita. Mungkin boleh apply, URL blog kita melambangkan apa yang ditulis, melambangkan keperibadian blog itu. Sophiesm pronounciation dia sama saja macam sophism. Cuma ada dan tak ada huruf E saja. I might be a SOPHIST. Jadi lepas ni you guys kena hati-hati dekat apa yang saya tulis kerana, mungkinkah saya sedang menggoreng anda? Lihat pada isi-isi entri, mungkinkah sebenarnya tak ada langsung moral dan pengajaran yang akan anda perolehi? Baca cerita-cerita saya, mungkinkah semua itu sebenarnya fairy-tale semata-mata? Dan mungkinkah saya ini bukan manusia? Your head la Fina (hotak engkau). Pertanyaan yang terakhir tu agak sedikit over.

Anyway, lepas ni mungkin saya patut pertimbangkan nama-nama ini : Finasm, Hasniesm, Falinasm, Nanasm. Tak boleh blah Nanasm. Dulu waktu sekolah rendah saya alergik okey perkataan NANAS dan NANAH. Lepas tu waktu sekolah menengah pula alergik dekat ayat "NANA IN THE HOUSEEE!" wth trademark si Nana AF1. Tekalah kenapa (- -")



Blogger fara said...

U r sOoo sophism!

ckp kat org yg suke mengoreng smpi kite pcaye bulat2.
mcm cool je kan!
hehe :P

01 October, 2010 09:26  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

ahaha fara!

cool ke? rasanya if kantoi menggoreng org, mampus blog ni kena baling telur haha

01 October, 2010 13:00  
Blogger tiefazatie said...

hihi..u know what sis..i love the way u write in ur blog!best!hiii

02 October, 2010 20:37  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

u do? thanks ifa ^^

06 October, 2010 15:07  

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