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Monday, September 06, 2010 posted at 18:09 ♥

Me and my twin, Dana. LOL. Got same jeans, same baju kurung, same high heels with same height, same taste, duh. Haha. Except for, I gemok. Tsk!



Blogger kata kila said...

huahhhh.jeles.kawan baik kila dah lama pindah :(

06 September, 2010 18:38  
Blogger fara said...

fina tipuuuu!!!
tak nmpk gemok lgsg ok!!!
hehe :)

06 September, 2010 21:49  
Blogger Si Kachak Suparjo said...

Program Asia Biggest Loser tu tak menjadi la eh? :)

06 September, 2010 21:57  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

kata kila,
don't lose contact with her ya kila, susah nak cari kwn baik yg kenal luar dlm kita ;)

btw, dana is my sister. hehehe.

yala tak gemok mana, tp flabby sikit. lagi2 kalau bdiri sebelah dana tu. hahahah

Si Kachak Suparjo,
u guess? ;)

08 September, 2010 13:30  

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