An optimist is a person that falls off the empire state building and after 50 floor says, "so far so good".

September 23, 2010

..LOL. Beat that quote! :D

My blog is where I rant and rave about things that annoys me, that affects me, that saddens me, and things that angers me. I can burst out, typed cynically, rants and raves about everything and then I'll publish. But ..

This evening, as I am staring at the laptop screen, typing these very alphabets, I know what I feel and I know what caused me to feel what I feel now but the question is, should I actually say everything I've said before or after? Maybe, I shouldn't. Maybe I should keep quiet. But wth I shouldn't keep quiet for my own good though some better left unsaid. Cuz so far, what I've wrote has always brought me closer and clearer to the truth of finding myself, my real feelings, what I want and who I want in my life.

... So I suppose I'll write about all of the above. Persetankan mereka yang belum pernah mengenali saya sejak mula. Persetankan mereka yang beranggap saya seorang dari beribu-beribu manusia negatif sedangkan baru sekali menjejak kaki ke territori saya ini.

The thing is, I don't die for comments. No comments please, when you think there's nothing good in my entry to comment about. No comments please, if you just want to show how GOOD you are at coping problems and how suck I am at handling my own life, siap suggest things I should do even like hell I don't ask for it from you. And simply, don't comment just to fancy person you don't really fancy. I'm not against hypocrisy, in fact, we are all hypocritical in our own way. Why we should against our own self, right? But, if you don't have any good to comment, then don't. Simple kan? Just don't. Even if I came across your blog and dropped some comments in one or two of your entries, or dropped my message in your shoutbox, it means that I am trying to make friends along my journey of blogging. If you like what you read and see in my blog, I would always appreciates good comments and messages. If you LIKE my blog, you can hit the LIKE button on the sidebar or be one of my blog followers. If you like me, you can add me as a FRIEND in Facebook or Twitter or YM. Nothing good, then I prefer nothing from you. HIGHLIGHT THIS PARAGHRAPH.

I am a so-understanding person (sometimes choose not to cuz some people just don't deserve my understanding). But in my blog, I want to be able to say things I might fail to say in real life. I am just a human; myself and this blog reflects my humanity.

Told ya, - temporary hallucinations. Worry not.

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  1. hey chill. hope that cat vids can still make you laugh tomorrow

    and oh.. follow'd ya

  2. kusut,
    haha sure i do =D followed u too!