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Everything Happens For One Good Reason.
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 posted at 18:43 ♥

Its been a while since I've written anything emotional in my entries. Some of you really love it when I talk something remotely emotional in my blog righttttt.... Hiks. Okey serious.

They say, to move on, mulakan dengan perubahan pada diri sendiri. Potongan rambut baru, baju baru, style pemakaian yang baru, meet up new people, new circle of friend. Environment yang baru, hobi baru, cinta baru, dan blog baru (saya tambah). Susunan perabot bilik yang baru atau perabot baru terus. Semua nak yang baru saja.

Lets flashback.

More than three years ago, I created a blog addressed as //sufilara.blogspot.com. I've privated the blog on last June and then opened a whole new blog of //Sophiesm with all my previous entries left privated in //Sufilara.Com, as an attempt to erase my past. I do succeeded, since recently I managed to get over my first love..

A few regrets I've had to live with along the way, but in the other hand, today, I'm glad I did what I did. I can never erase things that had happen in my life, I can never get back to those years I wasted. For God's sake, I wish I could!

But everything happens for a reason, they say juga. 

Saya baru habis baca tiga atau empat entri saya dekat //sufilara.blogspot.com sebenarnya. How I love my previous life, unperfect, depressing, vain (?) but it was so full. I miss my hectic life. I really do. Too far from my liking and I took almost 5 months to recover. All in all, to accept how things went up side down.

You have any idea of what I'm talking about? Haha. Kamu comel lah. Layan saja even kamu tak tahu apa sebenarnya yang saya sedang merepek ni.. :) Actually, saya sedang cakap tentang dua peristiwa. Hurtful ones. Pertama, proses melupakan first love saya yang memakan masa sepanjang saya berblog. //fina_sophie.blogs.friendster.com dan //Sufilara.Blogspot.Com tercipta atas kekecewaan saya pada cinta pertama. I blogged because of the pain I felt inside. Sadis. Kedua, took me 5 months untuk recover. Ya I laughed. Ya I nampak macam tak ada apa-apa. Just a few friends and few family members yang tahu apa yang saya telah lalui. Dan kalau you guys benar-benar baca apa yang saya tulis dalam blog semenjak saya buka //Sophiesm.Com ini, mungkin you guys boleh agak. Tapi kalau boleh agak pun, remain silent saja. Sebab kalau ada yang buka mulut, my heart masih boleh bleed balik sebenarnya.

Here me go. Another temporary hallucination caused by my flu. Great. *tarik-tarik tisu*

..AND more and more and more hallucinations to come (- -")
*hembus hingus dekat tisu*



Blogger fara said...

fina, nak add satu lg bole?
maybe bf baru jugak. eheh.
just kidding :P

23 September, 2010 09:31  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

haha.. we'll see. kalau ada. hehe

23 September, 2010 09:56  

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