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Why so handsome?
Friday, August 13, 2010 posted at 14:52 ♥

Him & Friends

Just found this picture of him in his so-called-secret Facebook album :P

Tak kira jugak, nak post jugak. Tidak puas hati. WHY SO HANDSOME? WHY?? Bhahahahahh!

Kawan-kawan yang kenal dia mana satu, syhhhh saja. I wanna keep him on privacy ;)



Blogger DeAnAiNi said...

ahaha i noe which one... (^_^)

13 August, 2010 16:22  
Blogger fara said...

sapeeee fina? sebok je frh ni taw. hehe.
yg baju ijau nmpk ensem to me :P

13 August, 2010 16:52  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

ko mestilah tau kann.. miss him? ehehe

13 August, 2010 17:06  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

fara mmggg suke yg chinese look kannn.. :P

13 August, 2010 17:15  
Blogger nur.sa said...

tau.tau yg mana satu. ehehe :P

14 August, 2010 10:08  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

yeke??? how? syhhhhhhh.. haha!

14 August, 2010 10:32  
Blogger nur.sa said...

bukankah pernah ada satu pic dia fina letak dlm previous entry long long time ago. hahaaha :P kalu tak silap lah.

15 August, 2010 08:24  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

u got me! AHAHA :P. yes pernah. dah lama gile. june 2008 tu. time tu muka selebet lagi, but thats the ONLY picture i have with him ow. (- -")

15 August, 2010 09:21  
Blogger DeAnAiNi said...

ahaha kinda miss him la..dunno hw to contact him..
kem slm ya...

16 August, 2010 09:00  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

okey.. i will :)
btw, kalo masih simpan number dia, he's still using his old number tu. xprnh tukar.


16 August, 2010 09:44  
Blogger DeAnAiNi said...

owh really?tapi alangkah sdey nye sbb hp lama rosak n bunguk tahap gaban.............. :(

24 August, 2010 16:25  

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