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Sunday, August 29, 2010 posted at 10:25 ♥

See that? Left handed. -Google

Saya juga manusia biasa. I had those time, running away rather than facing them. I've done so much mistakes, I am very bad in making decisions. But I've learned my lesson. I hate those people yang terlalu righteous. And from my writing, maybe you can tell, that I hate rules so much *senyum pahit*. I just hate restrictions. Kalau paksa juga, I can be SO rebellious, well. Not ordinary girl I am, I know.

Okey dah. Saja nak meluah sikit.



Blogger Peminat Katie Holmes said...

luas2x, jangan tak luah. nice blog. ;>

30 August, 2010 13:04  
Blogger Peminat Katie Holmes said...


30 August, 2010 13:04  
Blogger Fina Sophie said...

Peminat Katie Holmes,
u think so? thanks! =)

30 August, 2010 15:20  

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