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Saturday, July 03, 2010 posted at 12:00 ♥

Okey guys. A very fast update. Mum went to KL since semalam until 4th of July, then ayah juga currently not home since yesterday till this evening. Tinggal saya, Kili, Dana dan Pipie. Since it's holiday and Pipie is here, I'm going to bring the kids (Dana dan Pipie) to the library today. Would like them to have different environment. Untung diorang have sister like me yang suka bawa diorang jalan-jalan haha.




Blogger Fara said...

bgs kakak dorang ni...
rajen melayan adek2 die!


03 July, 2010 13:26  
Blogger Fina said...

suka tgok diorg hepi je bila kita entertain diorg ^^

03 July, 2010 20:47  
Blogger LeAnne said...

haha...another 1 similarity...suka bwk adik jln2...which means JALAN-JALAN yg betol2 JALAN... (*i mean BERJALAN KAKI utk ke mana2 juga...) ;D unless ada cousin yg sedia menumpangkan...hehehe...agaknya klw sy ada lesen & kereta sy akn jd mcm akak... ;)

05 July, 2010 11:42  
Blogger Fina said...

confirm la lian. tu sbb org ckp, bila ada lesen memandu n ada kereta tersadai dkt mata, makin jauhla langkah haha. bw kids jln2 best kan. actually dana n pipie tu bukan kids lagi tp ntah still rasa diorg masih adik kecil yg masih perlu ditatang lagi. duh :P

05 July, 2010 13:45  

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