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Innerself thoughts.
Friday, July 02, 2010 posted at 06:37 ♥

Mom said something that hurt me. I know it wasn't her intention to hurt me, but well, kenyataan itu kadang-kadang menyakitkan bukan?

Saya terus naik bilik, tutup dan kunci diri dalam bilik. Baring, and thinking. Sebak. Dan saya tak dapat nak menghalang airmata dari bertakung, tapi saya fikir, ini bukan masa untuk menangisi sesuatu yang tidak perlu. Saya bukan di sini sebagai seorang mangsa. Tapi sebagai seorang yang sedang berjuang. Teardrops jatuh dua tiga titik dan that's it. I am not a victim, I am just a person that stuck in this kind of situation, and as Allah send me such hurdles, I have to come out as a better and stronger person. Somehow I'll get through it. This is what I told myself everytime until now.

Feeling good about it, then fallen asleep. Cepat betul tertidur after that. And that's one of the reason mungkin of why I dreamt such a weird dream (- -")



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