The best way to make your dream come true is;

Friday, July 02, 2010

.. to wake up.

Dreamt of someone and woke up at 4.20AM just to realize that it was just a dream.. Tsk. Deep inside, I wish it wasn't just a dream though :'(

Saya rasa saya tak fikir banyak sangat tentang dia sampai dia muncul dalam mimpi saya begini. Okey admit petang semalam ada terfikir dia tapi itu sebab my bloody brother tu yang buat saya teringat. Thanks to him.  Geeze. About S, he never appear much in my dreams. I don't dream too often in my sleeps, anyway. Jarang. I usually dreamless during my sleep I don't know why (- -"). Dalam mimpi tu, I walked out, from him. Like I used to do. Mimpi dan dikejutkan oleh bunyi SMS yang masuk dalam handphone as soon as my dream ended, maybe.  Bangun-bangun je mata terbuka luas dan bangun saying "Ya Tuhan." sebab sedar yang itu cuma mimpi. Meeting him, tapi itu cuma mimpi. Frust sikit. Lepas tu cari handset tengok mesej siapa yang masuk. Dah 6 mesej. Ah well. Bukan siapa-siapa. Facebook notification saja.

Could THAT be the reason of why I dreamt of him..

The best way to make your dreams come true is, to wake up. Saya nak tambah lagi 1 baris ayat. Kita ulang. The best way to make your dreams come true is, to wake up and realize the real truth. Why sound so sad de loh? (- -")

 Okeylah, nothing to be sad of. It's subuh already.


  1. relax dear..u need to face the must go on dear..if he can live his life well..u also can do bha..remember the memories is ok..but not until it will hurt u dear...i hope u will find one special in ur life yaa..may god bless u always..=)

  2. tiefazatie,
    that is exactly what i am trying to do now. still trying, still trying. n alhamdulillah, sudah get over. :)

    thanks so much!


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