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Tukar layout blog.
Tuesday, June 08, 2010 posted at 20:49 ♥

Actually, I am thinking about changing my blog layout into this :

Which, as you can see,
  • No more ELEVATOR THOUGHTS (Elevator Thoughts was actually tajuk poem). Header tukar terus. I know, I know. Header yang saya guna tak pernah menarik langsung HAHAHA.
  • No more picture of the girls dekat side kiri
  • Tetap background putih, nice touch of black stripes, and a bit pink here and there, and a thick stripe of pastel green at the end of every entry.
  • Made this layout by myself, asalnya dari basic template blogger yang paaaaaling basic, saya modify jadi begini. It took 2-3 days to finish fuhh.
  • Kalau jadi guna, outcome may vary sikit lah from this picture, sebab widget tak letak lagi time snap picture tu.
  • Font tukar.
  • Width untuk posts lebih luas jadi lebih banyak ruang untuk gambar.
  • Sidebar juga lebih luas.
What do you think? Diam tanda setuju :P



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