The Biggest Loser : Day 3

June 13, 2010

Haven't done much about my dieting routine for Day 3. Sore muscle, pain. And I don't even move much. Even walk. It shows how off I am due to my first work-out, the 150 jump-roping work-out. Admit, sejak balik rumah memang tak buat work-out langsung. Kecuali dance training, itupun dah berlalu 3-4 minggu. Bila lama tak senaman, everything kena build-up balik.

Yet, sore muscle is still a good sign actually. Badan sedang bertindak balas and it's actually a painful process of growing up (your metabolism), however, kena stop sekejap routine dan ganti dengan routine yang lebih mudah macam walking, doing household chores etc etc. Kalau tak, menyeksa tubuh nanti.

..And of course, makan kena jaga cukop-cukop. We'll talk about makanan later.

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