Isn't goodbye.

May 26, 2010

Bukan menutup belog, bukan juga berhenti menulis. Cuma setelah beberapa tahun menulis secara publik tanpa henti, I came to this stage thinking that I might need a break for quite some time ..ahead, to , instead of writing publicly in Sufilara.Com, I would like to consider myself to write in private. Kata orang, to reach ideal scenario, or what ever it might sound to you I just don't care.

You'll be redirected straight to my Facebook profile, so if maybe you are feeling free to bring us to another stage of our friendship, never hesitate to add me there or simply leave your messages. But if not, no worries it won't hurt :D

Pray for me, and never stop sharing your beautiful stories. Thanks for all the love. Salam.

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  1. salam kenal dari

    kalau ade mase singgah lah ke blog saye.. :)