A sudden thought of HIM.

April 15, 2010

..was in the edge of breaking down and tears running down my cheek, when a thought of HIM came across my mind. And something whispered; telling me that, I still have HIM and will always have HIM. That I'm not alone and HE love me so much that HE will never leave me even if I ignore HIM in most of my every breath.

My tears stopped. Feeling stupid, for me to cry over things I can never change. Things beyond my reach. Over my limitations.

My mind turned another different way; something so hard to explain, especially when it all came in sudden, like this.

Berilah aku rasa redha terhadap keputusan-MU dan berkatilah segala apa yang KAU berikan kepadaku sehingga aku tidak suka mempercepatkan apa yang KAU lambatkan untuk aku dan memperlambatkan apa yang KAU percepatkan untuk aku.

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  1. put your hand in God's hand and let Him lead u the way. insya Allah. bad things fall apart so that good things fall together. =)

  2. shima,
    things turn upsidedown, and after all, i'm happy cuz now i can feel the blessing :)

    thank HIM T______T