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Tutorial PrtSc SysRq
Tuesday, March 09, 2010 posted at 13:21 ♥

Untuk yang tak tahu saja.

Nampak tak button PrtSc SysRq (Print Screen System Request) yang usually located on top of the other buttons of your keyboard? I've been trying to figure out how does the PrtSc SysRq really works, like eh takkan simply tekan butang tu? After tekan, gambar itu pergi ke folder mana?

Obviously, now I know, memang takkan jumpalah sebab ada satu lagi step supaya gambar tu appear. Hahah. You'll need a paint program for this. For me, I used Paint that usually available in windows. You can use Photoshop or Pain Shop Pro if you have one.

Once you opened the program, go directly to edit then click on the paste button and then it's allllllll yours HEHE.

So, let's recap.
  1. Open the window you want to print, cuz the PrtSc SysRq will print what ever you have on your screen.
  2. Simply press PrtSc SysRq button.
  3. Open paint program, and click paste.
  4. Save.
It should work ;)



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