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To all people that I truly care about.
Monday, March 01, 2010 posted at 12:36 ♥

These days have been some tough days for me. As tough as I feel it is, yet I believe I can still always can get through of it. Well it will never as hard as mending a broken heart, I supposed.

Anyway .. my dearest,
I tried not to talk behind your back, and never really talked about it. I'm not judging about how and what are you feeling, I'm not trying to tell you about what you should feel. Cuz I do have respect for you as a person, and I hope YOU do, too. I'm letting the flow, and let time explain it all. I'm not worried just because I can't see anything I might have done that might hurt someone's feeling. I am worried about WHY I do not actually understand what had just happened. For God sake, JUST TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED??

Do not take me wrong. Maybe you mistaken someone else, to yourself. Always remember, I love you. I just doesn't have the guts to show it to you.



Anonymous Khairil Khamis said...

Teruja melihat name disitu (bubub)

guy, u r invited to visit my blog as well..see you there...

04 March, 2010 21:28  
Anonymous Fina said...

Khairil Khamis,
bob, lama x nampak dlm blogosphere ni. ehehehe

05 March, 2010 12:01  

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