Hi. This is Fina's life talking now.

March 03, 2010

Reading my friend's, Fiza's entry in her blog, inspired me to write this entry. To tell you what really happen in my life now. Well, at least, this will explain why I do not blog as much as before. I don't know.

I've lost my appetite. Sejak petang tadi hinggalah ke tengah malam, saya tak habis berfikir apa saya nak makan untuk dinner. Fikir nasi, tapi I don't feel like eating rice. Or be it mee, or bihun or kueyteow. Or burgers. Or anything else but still I need something untuk dijamah sebelum tidur. Pukul 12.30 malam baru buat keputusan nak beli air soya. Air soya okey. Semata-mata air soya. Dan puas malah kenyang. Padahal sebelum tu punyalah timbang-timbang nak makan apa. Nasi lah, mee la bihun lah, buah-buahan lah, burger lah. Macam biasalah, makan adalah hobiku. I might say that I've run out of money but still I got some income of renting my car to those who might need it. Problem occurs when I need to pay extra charges on .. anything, but the point is, I've lost my appetite. Aneh. Hey people, it me lah, Fina. Lost appetite??? Heh. Jarang lost appetite even walaupun sakit kuat macamana pun. Ya Allah aku kalau demam kuat, makin kuat makan @_@ Kecuali waktu food poisoned hari tu, trauma sekejap nak makan makanan yang tak panas. Nak makan masakan panas saja.

I don't do jog anymore since I've started my dance training. But now, since my dance training periodically stopped, I need to bring back my jogging routine @_@ But when oh when...

Good news is, I've lost my weight to 50KG! But hell I don't want to believe it. Saya nak cek weight kat setiap weight checker kat Kedah ni nanti untuk dapat result yang diyakini. Susah nak percaya sebab saya rasa CM saya masih sama T____T

I'll not be around for this week or maybe more weeks to come, to focus on my quizzes, my exams, presentations, and my assignments. This semester is going to be a short semester. I have like everything to catch up and no more playing girl, no more playing. No more playing? Eh apasal macam dull je bunyik? Heh don't worry, of course ada play-play tapi I should be in control and I need somebody to keep remind me as a KAKAK or ABANG, not as friend (sebab susah sikit nak respect) dan not parental guide please cuz I have enough of it, thanks to mama dan ayah. So, HELP @_@ Okey macam childish je ayat kat belakang perenggan ni T_T

I am sick now. Macam yang Dayah gurau-gurau. Fina sakit. Sakit hati. Yeah right funny lah tu. Hati memang sakit. Tapi bukan sakit yang sakit hati dekat orang lain. Itu simpulan bahasa, ok simpulan bahasa. Saya memang sakit. Sakit di hati =)

Plus, I better stop talking cuz I might broke some others' heart. Lagi dan lagi dan lagi.

Don't miss me. Seriously don't.
Cuz missing me might broke your heart if I'd never come again.

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  1. i just walking here babe..:)

  2. Are you in trouble?
    hurm.. Fina, I have something to ask you. Check ur inbox kat facebook ehh.
    Err.. Tak serius pn. Jangan panik ;P

  3. sound like tengah sakit ati jek ni... sabar2

  4. deqyalalink,
    dear deqya, i've linked ur blog to mine ;)

  5. AuraFIza,
    trouble? not really. cuma nak settle down. and i won't settle until i'm satisfied with my life :)

  6. mancai,
    God knows better =)

  7. alangkah bagusnya kalau i pun lost appetite..