Heart matters.

March 05, 2010

For now, what I really want to do is, I want to focus on practical matters rather than emotional ones. To focus on my own life rather than looking for others' life. To forgive, rather than asking for forgiveness. I really need to be careful on how I handle heart matters.

He started doing things he'd never done, for me. He slowly started moving to the other higher stage of our relationship. It do scares me. He's so sweet I can't help. All the things he do, they were just perfect but .. I'm missing something I can't tell. Heaviness and control should never be a part of a good love relationship. So how. How should I..

Sooner or later, I need to put all of my doubtful verbal skills (HAHAHA) to use, as difficult conversation is gonna take place @_@

Okey, got to go. Just got back from Kulim. Urusan kolej. Tired. Very tired.

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  1. soon or later,almost the same result, isit?just do it. talk to him.well,give him a hint and time.do wat u have todo, u have ur future to catch!!.:P