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Special Poem.
Monday, February 15, 2010 posted at 10:04 ♥

Here I am, presenting you a poem. Copied from blog Razzi Rahman. Kadang-kadang singgah baca blog Bro Razzi ni sebab banyak input boleh dapat about CINTA. Hoho. Suka baca pendapat bro Razzi. Sempoi, membuka minda dan agak lain dari yang lain. We're used to chat through FB and he's the one yang cakap saya funny (yea right). Haha. Okey here it is.

Special poem by Razzi Rahman a.k.a Brother Love :

Watching bright sky with a smile
Thinking of a brighter future for a while
Suddenly the soft smiles stops…
As the dry leafs drops.

Remembered my heart is like a stone
Only one can be broken, by a river lone
My will is like a wind that blows all directions
That too far from affections.

It’s too hard to take my love fly
Guess that’s the answer of, why
It takes more then just a big sacrifice
Maybe many years of mountain cries.

Saya letak poem ni dalam blog sebab saya agak suka bait-bait kata dia. Bahagian yang tengah-tengah tu. Itulah rasanya bila hati kita rasa tiba-tiba sukar untuk ditembusi orang lain.

Okey guys and girls. Happy Monday! :)



Anonymous .o r k e d. said...

yup.it's so deeply meaningful

15 February, 2010 11:01  
Anonymous Fina said...

.o r k e d.,
true :)

15 February, 2010 11:07  
Anonymous ABdi said...

kuality poem.very deep one.nice...later stalk his blog after this...he3......

16 February, 2010 00:46  
Anonymous Fina said...

you should ;) n rasanya u prnh kott smpai blog dia ;) hehehe sbb ada entri dia yg u mention dlm slh satu ur entry dulu ;)

16 February, 2010 23:14  
Anonymous pinkbrandal said...

felt that the feeling of fall was painful, but the writing looks you react well, this is a wonderful encouragement writing

17 February, 2010 20:50  

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