Thursday, February 11, 2010

Great Believer Of Myself.

What do you see in her?

.. sebab, semalam seseorang tegur saya. She asked me, kenapa wajah saya nampak sugul. Pucat. Tak bermaya. Tak sangka ada yang begitu sekali rasa ambil berat terhadap saya. Agak terkejut sikit. Sebab inilah muka yang saya usung ke sana ke mari setiap hari, but NO ONE have ever said anything and I thought that I've done everything to cover up all the wrongs. So I doubt it.

"Maybe sebab tak mekap". And I smiled to her. Rasa macam nak tengok cermin waktu itu juga untuk pastikan muka ini betul ke macam yang dia cakap.

Balik bilik saja, saya belek muka ini lebih teliti.

Looking at the mirror, I saw a reflection of a girl, standing in front of me. Looking obviously tired. I thought she's okey even though I know she have like everything to hide but still I think she supposed to be okey .. Well, at least she supposed to LOOK LIKE she is okey. At the first glance, she looked very tired. Her eyes looked sad. Pale face with no make-ups on, menambahkan lagi ekspresi wajah yang tidak bermaya. And when she realized that I am deeply looking at her, she quickly smile.

Maybe it's time for me to open my eyes and see things as they really are but WHAT FOR? I don't want to know this fact. Really. I don't want to know how scared she is about her life cuz I just want her to move on. It doesn't matter about how she feels, but how she live her life is all that matter now. I guess. Tuhan, permudahkan perjalanannya.


  1. miss fina,bkn permudahkn perjlanan, ok, saya doakn agar ALLAH permudahkanURUSAN kamu, klu jln tu da nk jln.., better get more reasting,a true friend is one who always tegur n nasihat awak.even by not looking at u, i know ur tired from ur writhing,i think i can feel something bothering u,well i see ustill hv a grip of ur life, but,plss adjust ur time and refresh all the unfresh, he3.soory im mumbling :P

  2. adjust ur time, find a time for ur self to releks n rest,well if u fren start tegur u look pale,beter looking at ur self r u working so hard? the hard working for ur working days latter from now u learn how to manage time, should be prepaid,if u can make it thats the most availble lesson in life.i bet if u step into working world,u gonna face the same situation.:P learn from exp.but if u can pass this next time its will be easy....:P

  3. dayah tahu... mcm mana fina lalui hari2 fina..even dayah tak d sebelah fina sekarang but i always on your side.. take ur time, while cuti2 nie.. relax2.... takpe hr khamis kita plan kita nye day nye..
    insyaallah hari selasa dayah sampai

  4. ABdi,
    thanks so much abdi :)

  5. rianve86,
    ala nak jalan saja2 skrg tak ada duittt T______T


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