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To know they are happy for the things you've done for them.
Tuesday, December 29, 2009 posted at 22:09 ♥

... I love this feeling.

Best vacation, I mean vacation-ISH ever. I promised myself untuk bawa the kids ke tempat-tempat yang diorang jarang ada peluang nak pergi dan sekarang I am glad that they are happy! :*) And now, I'm home. But for now I need to settle thing down now. Jumpa lagi esok. InsyALLAH. Pyu pyu pyu.



Anonymous nur.sa said...

vacation?shopping?oh semuanya best ^____^

30 December, 2009 10:38  
Anonymous Ms.Independant said...

vacation katne fina?


30 December, 2009 17:10  
Anonymous Fina said...

sa kena pergi 1borneo if dtg sbh. wajib okek. hehehe

02 January, 2010 23:35  
Anonymous Fina said...

vacation dlm negeri je. vacation shopping2. haha

02 January, 2010 23:36  

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