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Tari Kirana : Majlis Persandingan 12 Disember 2009 Video YouTube dan Gambar Sahaja.
Wednesday, December 23, 2009 posted at 13:04 ♥

Taken by Fina Sophie.

Pictures are taken using Sony Ericson C905 by mama, pipie and most of all, me.

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Anonymous Eyriqazz said...

Cantiknya pengapit..nak pinangkan sorang utk adik saya bleh?


23 December, 2009 12:36  
Anonymous Fina said...

ada misunderstood sikit. bukan pengapit, tapi penari yang buat persembahan hari tu :P

ni semua adik2 sepupu sy dan semua masih menengah rendah lagi. adik awak kena tunggu lagi la. eheheh

23 December, 2009 13:25  
Anonymous cik EPAL said...

comel la semua :)

23 December, 2009 15:29  
Anonymous Ms.Independant said...

Patotla sume ade rupa Fina.
Cantek2 belaka!


23 December, 2009 17:10  
Anonymous Eazy Izzuddin said...


23 December, 2009 20:33  
Anonymous Fina said...

cik EPAL, Ms. Independant, Eazy Izzuddin,

thanks for the compliments ^^

24 December, 2009 02:26  

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