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Prelude : Tari Kirana
Monday, December 14, 2009 posted at 05:34 ♥

With the girls I keep talking about since last week.

With one of the dancers. Semua adalah favourite I tapi ini yang terpaling favourite. Nama dia Raihana and we call her Ana. She and the other one had never missed any of the group's performance. Yang lain dah pernah missed. And uh, she's the youngest. Yang lain dah sekolah menengah dah. Ketua Pengawas dekat sekolah dan UPSR baru-baru ni dia dapat among the best in school. Aktif bersukan. Satu kelas dengan Pipie. Kawan-kawan selalu kenen-kenenkan dia dengan Pipie. Kawan-kawan Pipie pun macam tu. Termasuk Dana and the gang. Suka tau kenakan Pipie dan Ana. Haha :P

Last but not least :

Muka selepas dah selesai perform malam. Haruslah ada picture yang pose macam ni. WAJIB.

More to come later!



Anonymous Sharinginfoz said...

mesti letih sakan kan.. bosan2 singgah le

14 December, 2009 08:06  
Anonymous [z@ck] said...

berkilat nyah baju nya..

14 December, 2009 08:45  
Anonymous Ms.Independant said...

I wish I cud dance too!!!!

14 December, 2009 17:27  
Anonymous Fina said...

letih. tapi berbaloi-baloi.

14 December, 2009 21:18  
Anonymous Fina said...

silau tak nyah.. haha :P

14 December, 2009 21:19  
Anonymous Fina said...

believe it or not, semua boleh. yg penting minat ;)

14 December, 2009 21:19  
Anonymous Fatt Chin Choy said...

ko patut bukak kelas tarian sebagai kerjaya ler

14 December, 2009 21:45  
Anonymous Fina said...

Fatt Chin Choy,
someday kot. hehe.

14 December, 2009 22:05  
Anonymous ABdi said...

keep up the good work... i might ask u group for my weds someday!! well until i found my misssy ok..he3... can???gv diskaun la..ok..:)

14 December, 2009 23:50  
Anonymous Fina said...

no hal. insyALLAH ;)

15 December, 2009 00:12  

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