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New profile picture.
Monday, December 07, 2009 posted at 12:17 ♥

Profile pic yang baru. Sangat melayu bukan? I mean, the Kebaya. Kebaya yang ada sejarah dia. I love this picture :*)

P.s : I'm Fina. I'm a proud Dusunese.

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Anonymous wunny said...

fina..kmu mmg ciptaan Allah yg cntik :)
kbaya itu sgt melayu..x prnh pkai kbaya..sob3..lmak brlbihan :(

07 December, 2009 14:02  
Anonymous Ms.Independant said...

u look gorjes! :)

07 December, 2009 14:18  
Anonymous Yot | is | Yati said...

cantik sangat!

07 December, 2009 15:24  
Anonymous Fina said...

semua ciptaan Allah itu cantik Wunny sayang. depends dekat kita macamana nak serlahkan. and you are beautiful in your own way, wunny. trust me :)

08 December, 2009 11:19  
Anonymous Fina said...

thank you farah :)

08 December, 2009 11:27  
Anonymous Fina said...

Yot | is | Yati,
cuz ur eyes are beautiful! ^^

08 December, 2009 12:01  
Anonymous Si Kachak Suparjo said...


08 December, 2009 17:23  

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