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Wishing for a strong heart.
Friday, November 20, 2009 posted at 13:21 ♥

When you love somebody to the hilt, it is easy to forgive but VERY hard to forget. Anyways, life's good. Instead of everything that happen, I am still alive.

Never ever give up, give some chances, never forget to pray, laugh as loud as you can, sing like no one is hearing.

Jadi, today mahu karaoke!



Anonymous ABdi said...

nyanyi lagu hape??jgn lagu kotoh, tewas tu dah le...he3......

20 November, 2009 19:03  
Anonymous ABdi said...

u are strong then u think, this is just a test how strong can u be, after this u realize u are stronger and beter without him, be patient.ok......hope for the best.....everything happen for a reson.

21 November, 2009 01:48  
Anonymous Fina said...

i know i am strong, sometimes nak nikamti perasaan breakdown tu :P

21 November, 2009 16:14  

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