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Saturday, November 21, 2009 posted at 09:02 ♥

Have lots of pictures to be uploaded but since I have like a never-ending to-do list everyday, asyik tertangguh saja. I'll try to finish all the things, then I'll update this blog with those pictures. Cepat cepat buat kerja.

Lagipun ada orang request update blog MusicDoSpeak. Lalala :P



Anonymous nur.sa said...

kursus masak?bestnya dengar..

21 November, 2009 15:37  
Anonymous Fina said...

mama rajin pergi kursus masak, bljr benda baru. my mom bisnes. pastu suka minta teman. beliau cakap, untuk sijil. hehe.

21 November, 2009 16:13  
Anonymous ABdi said...

coment yg no10..... huhu tgk da 9kali komen, jd nak genapkn 10 yg ni...he....bgusla tolong mak kat dapur bila lg kn........

21 November, 2009 21:01  
Anonymous ف wildchild ۞ said...

itu la. semua benda nak buat :p

22 November, 2009 19:02  
Anonymous Fina said...

yay dah 10 kali komen. hoho. nak hadiah ek? haha :P

nak taknak kena tlg lah abdi.. sape lagi. hehe

22 November, 2009 19:40  
Anonymous Fina said...

ف wildchild ۞,
hehehe lagi teruk kalau semua benda nak buat tapi akhirnya satu ape pun tak terbuat :P

22 November, 2009 19:42  

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