Good Night Wish.

November 24, 2009

Having some fun chats with Dana. Laughing at silly thing like we always do. Pipie dengan lawak bodoh dia sambil online main Zwinky. Dana scrolled down my blog under Family Category and laughed at the stories I wrote in this blog. We got videos too, tapi tak bolehlah upload sini. IT'S WAY TOO SILLY. There's a time when I pretend like ayah is at our doorstep (cuz it's past the curfew, curfew sape entah hihihihi) so I asked them to be quiet. Pipie was about to hide and he's just so funneh. Hahaha. Funny k bukan funneh (- -"). Lepas tu gelak lagi. That time totally forgot yang actually laptop I sedang merakam segala perbualan dan pergerakan kami. Cerita tentang rambut Zcard dan rambut Zbucks pun termasuk sekali T_T

My wish, may you guys have a nice sleep tonight, wake up tomorrow for a beautiful sight. Everyday is a new beginning. Do not dream sebab tu tandanya tidur tak nyenyak. Haha :P

Time for tubbie bye bye, time for tubbie bye bye,
time for tubbie bye bye.


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