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Everything is gonna be fine.
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 posted at 10:03 ♥

Today's 25th of November. Mama dan ayah had left to Kota Kinabalu for 5 days. Quite a long period. Pipie is going to have his final operation (we hope) by tomorrow at Hospital Besar Likas. Hope everything going to be just fine @_@. Kalau takda aral melintang, 30hb diorang baliklah.

Poor Pipie for having to get through this kind of thing yang kami adik beradik yang lain tak pernah lalui. I've been in a ward once when I got food poisoned during last raya. The doctor insist me to stay there for a night but well, being me, tetap nak balik juga. I can't stand the smell, you know, bau-bauan chemicals, plus, surrounded by sick people. Macam ada aura negatif saja. Or is it just me? Cuz I got this one friend here yang suka pergi hospital. Teringat perbualan saya dengan dia dulu :

On one fine evening,
Me : Dari mana tadi?
Armin : Hospital.
Me : What for? (sebab dia macam sihat walafiat je)
Armin : Lepak-lepak. Min suka masuk hospital tau.

.. and our conversation goes on and on. Until,
Me : Yalah tu (malas nak fikir dah).

Now he's at Kolej Perubatan dekat Kuching.

Back to present.

Here's me, Adi and Dana staying at home. Hah! Okey you two, better be good.



Anonymous a d r e y n i e e l i s y a said...

ui darl...adik ko sakit apa? pity for him... hope everything ok ya..
dia d spital likas, dekat lakz ngan boyf aku naa... hihih..

25 November, 2009 11:29  
Anonymous Budak Kuning said...

Article yg ni takde pic awak.. :(

25 November, 2009 11:31  
Anonymous ABdi said...

hope evrything will be ok,.....u must be miss him a lot kn, xda junior bean.well, if u can buy him some toy thats make him happy and cheer him up again will be nice.

25 November, 2009 18:53  
Anonymous Fina said...

Budak Kuning,
sanggup ke hari2 menghadap muka yang sama? @_@

25 November, 2009 19:08  
Anonymous Fina said...

a d r e y n i e e l i s y a,
yunk, adik sy ada mslh sikit d bhgian organ dia dari lahir. bkn sakit, tapi misplace sikit, jadi kena betulkan. byk kali juga operate.

oh dia org likas rupanya. hehe..

25 November, 2009 19:14  
Anonymous Akmar Anuar said...

semoga pipie cepat sembuh so dia leh cepat2 keluar dari hospital! ;)

25 November, 2009 19:14  
Anonymous Fina said...

ABdi ,
he's too old for toys. tahun dpn masuk tgktn satu :)

25 November, 2009 19:18  
Anonymous Fina said...

Akmar Anuar,
semoga. thanks sayang! :)

25 November, 2009 19:21  
Anonymous Arief Arf said...

adik u sakit ape?
kesian dia..

26 November, 2009 00:46  
Anonymous Fina said...

Arief Arf,
one of his organ.. ada misplace sikit. thats all :)

26 November, 2009 04:20  
Anonymous Ms.Independant said...

Smoge adek Fina cepat sehat!

26 November, 2009 13:22  
Anonymous Fina said...

thanks! now th pembedahan start 12.30 tghri tadi @_@

26 November, 2009 15:18  

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