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This thing that the readers should know about.
Tuesday, October 27, 2009 posted at 14:10 ♥

Someone asked me about my trip to Penang.. Finally ada yang tanya. Baru nak pura-pura lupa. Haha! :P I'm working on that entry, actually. And one or two another entries about my previous love life and my current life. But those are going to be private. I am publishing it because I still need to say and confess something, tapi bukan untuk tatapan umum secara meluas. Sebab mungkin tak semua orang boleh faham apa yang sedang saya lalui. Tak semua orang boleh terima apa yang saya hendak lakukan dan apa yang saya telah lakukan. Nanti akhirnya saya end up dengan enemy yang bertambah-tambah sebab you might think it's stupid. YOU might end up hating me.

There she goes : I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.

In my life, I often stumbled and hurt, but I had never fall hard that I can never walk and run again. Maybe I just need to feel the hurdles to understand about what humanity really means. From there, I will know how, when facing my most fearful times, I will become my bravest. When feeling at my weakest I end up showing more strength, when I'm at my lowest suddenly lifted up higher more than I had ever been.

Kita perlukan kegelapan untuk melihat bintang malam :)

If you feel you are still care to know, or you don't want to miss any single update from this blog, please leave your e-mail address in my comments section or e-mail me privately at sufilara[at]gmail[dot]com. I will respectively, choose who will have the access to the whole entry. Thanks :)

Saya tengah cek kalendar dan nak susun schedule untuk banyak perkara. Saya berharap semua ni akan berakhir secepat mungkin!

Telah jauh terpisah diriku dan dirimu
Dalam ruang dan waktu
Sendiri ku jalani sepiku tanpa dirimu
Resahku tanpa hadirmu
Sungguh berat hatiku untuk merasakannya
Salahku mencintai dirinya
Saat jauhku terpisah darimu
Dan hadirnya menyentuh hatiku
Ku cintainya
Hatiku pun inginkannya
Hingga runtuh setiaku kepada dirimu
Kusakiti hatimu yang tulus mencintaiku
Maaf ku tak bisa memilih dirimu
Kerna ku terhanyut mencintai dia
Inilah salahku yang memberi ruang
Di dalam hatiku 'tuk mencintainya
Terhanyut jiwa ini
terjatuh dihatinya



Anonymous kakak lyana said...

Nak nak..!!
I always follow ur story ok dear. Jangan tak tahu tu. Cuma kadang2 tak sempat nak drop komen.

Live ur life. Live every moment in ur life. Don't turn back for any sorrow. Leave it there and take the 'pick up' point in every single darkness to open back ur happiness.

Ceria-ceria selalu. Hidup kita ups and down. It's normal.. hiihihi

28 October, 2009 00:19  
Anonymous Fatt Chin Choy said...

aku nak

28 October, 2009 00:23  
Anonymous Fina said...

kakak lyana,
i am living my life. my every moment. sorrow and happiness is two of it. i just wanna live it. to enjoy and to feel the every inch :)

ok noted! hehe.

28 October, 2009 10:38  
Anonymous Fina said...

Fatt Chin Choy ,
heh? nak ape? :D

28 October, 2009 10:39  

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