What was I possibly thinking..

July 21, 2009

I am... Unhappy.

I don't know whether I am making excuses over silly reasons. Or some kind of helah bela diri atas perkara-perkara yang sukar dijelaskan. Or simply because I am not in the mood of blogging and replying comments, messages, wall-post on facebook. Ok stop or this entry could come out with a long list really (- -").

I don't do I follow you, you follow me policy in my blog, harap maklum. You follow my blog because you are interested in reading my blog. I take it that simple. If somebody clicked to follow my blog just because he/she wants me to follow his/her blog, you don't have to dears. I feel a lot more appreciated if you follow me because you willing to share it all with me =)

I got some new followers here. Thanks Yulie, thanks Amal, thanks Cikgu Nureha, thanks SueAnne, dan owh.. yang baru membuat blog baru, my roomate Amy. Hehe.

If you asked me "How's your life Fina?"
Maybe I'll sighed. A deep breath. And says, "It's beautiful. But its empty."
A part of me will says like this.. "I hate it really."
Maybe.. "I wanna go home now."
Or.. "HELP ME."
Or.. "Could things get more worse?"
Or.. "BKK's project is in your hand now, Zetty. Do whatever you want."
Or.. else.

So now, what was I possibly thinking?

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