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Takpayahlah. Tiada jodoh antara kita.
Sunday, July 12, 2009 posted at 14:42 ♥

Keyakinan yang dulunya begitu konkrit kini sudah luntur.
Pengorbanan semuanya disia-siakan. Take things for granted. And so on and ON AND ON.
Now, cukup sampai sini ja.
I still can live without him.
Yes I can.



Anonymous AuraFIza said...

r u sure??
da abes pk ke nih?

(tergamam jap)

12 July, 2009 15:34  
Anonymous Fina said...

i had enuf fiza =(
korang tgok kitorang nmpk je macam bahagia tp sbnrnya sgt bermasalah. mslh attitude. sy pon byk silap jugak so fair enuf kalau everything ends.

12 July, 2009 17:31  
Anonymous Eazy Izzuddin said...

sure can live without him

12 July, 2009 20:34  
Anonymous po+yaty said...


tabah ya..

jgn sedey2

12 July, 2009 21:38  
Anonymous Fakir Andalusia said...

eh.. sedihnya statement.
jangan terburu-buru.
analyse situation dulu.
apa2 pun, be strong.

12 July, 2009 23:37  
Anonymous Fina said...

Eazy Izzuddin,
thanks :)

04 November, 2009 23:24  
Anonymous Fina said...

thanks to you :)

04 November, 2009 23:25  
Anonymous Fina said...

Fakir Andalusia,
i will, thanks :)

04 November, 2009 23:25  

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