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Oh so random.
Friday, July 31, 2009 posted at 05:47 ♥

I know I've been SO productive lately with two entries for a day (- -") Gila produktif. And I want you to know that this is all because I'm in 1 week UUM sudden break from 27th July until 2nd August. And peaceful. Dan sihat tubuh badan dan minda alhamdulillah. But from now on, just one entry for a day. Or two days.

I've bloghopped and hopped and hopped to few blogs around and realised (or realized?) there are many interesting people out there.

It's 31th. Two more days and.. perhaps I'll not updating this often and hopefully you guys will still visiting me here for my updates. Saya kurang berminat dengan scheduled entry tak tahu kenapa dan macam tak berapa berminat baca belog yang semua entri dia adalah scheduled tak tahu kenapa T___T Jadi tengoklah nanti saya akan buat macamana. Life is not all about blogging pon.

Actually, hari ini, kalau bukan sebab cuti mengejut ini, saya mungkin sedang berada di KL.

Banyak perkara sedang bermain-main di minda sekarang ini.. about everything. Adakah sebab sekarang ini saya sedang di awal something-something period? (Hehehe!) A bit twisting sebab, saya sedang merisaukan perkara yang sepatutnya merisaukan saya awal-awal lagi tapi BARU SEKARANG terisau-risau. Demmit. Feel a bit tensed.

Or is it because I need my sleep? It's 5.48 am and I haven't sleep yet. Caffein, this is my last time with you.

p/s imej background sudah tukar. BYE to enakei's (i still love you don't worry) and say HI to daisy! And, please vote in my poll because it is for your own future bak kata Hanis Zalikha HEHEHE

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Anonymous GRuNGe said...

Wah, schedule entry tidak minat yea. Lalalala. Saya banyak schedule entry, especially hari di mana saya bekerja.

Btw, productive with entry. Biasa lah tu. Time ada mood, maunya sampai 8 enry mau tulis.

Anyway, selamat study UUM. Eon ke Mas ni? Lalalalala.

31 July, 2009 10:21  
Anonymous Fina said...

banyak je, bukan semua kan (- -").
Eon? Mas? Teka lagi teka lagi. ehehehehe.. sebab dua2 pun bukan.

31 July, 2009 11:45  
Anonymous nur.sa said...

sangat rajin menghupdate bila punya sangat banyak masa free kan.

eh.saya tau.saya tau fina kolej mana. bole sy gtau dia fina?haha. menyebok ntah ape2 neh..

31 July, 2009 16:51  
Anonymous Fina said...

tau takpe. bila da stat busy, bayang pun tak nampak dah. eheheh.. eh jgn2 biar dia kang semua org dtg uum carik fina kuangkuangkuang in my dream. haha (- -")

31 July, 2009 17:53  

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