Amoy is Coming

June 06, 2009

Just a simple entry.
Going to tell you guys that my bestfriend Amoy is coming. Bringing her one-year-old baby. Sangat teruja nak tengok anak dia. Does he have her look??

Pagi tadi Amoy call dan bagitahu yang dia nak datang. Terkejut beruk. Oh she shouldn't have to, but she insist to come. I don't know why but rasa bersalah juga sebab dah dua minggu promised her yang saya akan datang tapi taaaaaak datang datang jugak. Due to the important course my mom ask me to attend - then every week on the very last hours, I ended up knowing that they postponed it again and again.. wtf damn it.

And here I am. Baru selesai membersih dan mengemaskan bilik tetamu (ya i know, memang bilik tu tak terjaga sangat since semua orang dalam rumah ni busy *sigh*)

Dua tiga hari ni suka sangat melepak kat youtube. Found this very touching. Watched it and then showed it to Dana and Ayah. They were touched as well T_____T Sorry, saya tak nak page saya lambat loading jadi you can just go directly to the link i placed here. Remember, right click and open link in new window/tab okay? Hahaha =D Bye.

Some thoughts :
I've enjoyed my every entries and was having fun with it, then somebody told me I was too OVER over my entries recently.
Ouh. Okay fine.

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  1. tenet slow, me xleh men 'awak tiub' ghitewww.. uhuhu, salammms

  2. en_me,

    sama la, en_me online guna ape?
    sy guna broadband. so tension la, slow gile..