May 07, 2009

I'm not in a good mood.

I'm tired of studying. OhmyGod, is that you Fina?

I have two more counting years to go. By the time being, I will totally toasted enough that I'm dieing to finish that f**king years. Okay PEOPLE, stop laughing and make fun of my 'stupidity' (or whatever you call it) of changing my course 2 years ago which lead me this way. I've made many wrong decision in my life and if this is one of it, other then taking it negatively, I'd rather think it as one of the process of mematangkan fikiran, and there will be ssomething better will come out from this. Blessing in disguise. Remember? But I wonder what kind of 'blessing' it will be? Haha.

Well, to tell you, my classmates are all amazing. But on my first day entering the class I can't help saying this 'oh psiko!'. To be honest, I hate classes. Fun times happened during lepaking with my friends and eversince I know those JPM sisters and my boyfriend, they are now my favourite objects (Objects?). I can’t really fit in with my classmates, I don't know why but maybe it is because i'm not that intellect and not matured enough. Or it's the classmates? The lecturers? Because they're typical Malay? Ok mana datang isu bangsa neh? Well, it's possible. Or maybe just I act such as kera sumbang.

It's not like I'm a racism, but pengalaman hidup do thought me a lot. It's the matter of individual manner and mentality. Individual manner and mentality yang kadang-kadang dipengaruhi oleh faktor norma dan budaya. Took the Multicultural Counseling. Don't blame me :D I do have my own manner, and my own mentality.

I use to be a goodhearted person, who always tried her best in doing things and to look at thing in many perspectives but somehow, after few incidents, I become an individualistic and takkisahkaucakaplaapaponsebabakutetapaku and sisombongyangsusahnaksenyum. I've ruined almost everything in my life but still not taking it seriously. This is sick, I sometimes wish that I can get my old self back and I did try to get her back. But failed miserably.

Ok, bad semester-end entry.
Anyway. Life goes on. Promise, to make my own life a better life to live.

At Night : Dinner kat Perlis.. Somewhere at Kuala Perlis. Makan seafood with Kak Fedi, Dayah, Intan, Amy (future roomate, hi), Cuya and Ika. Yummy delicious!

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