Men Are Like Elastic Rubber Band

April 27, 2009

It's 6.19 in the morning. Haven't sleep yet. I'll take some sleep after updating this blog. Eventhough I don't feel that sleepy. Yea I know, I've been so productive lately. Rajin hasilkan entri.

Okay. What's the issue?

Men are like elastic rubber band. Fact, right? Tapi selagi tiada bukti depan mata, jangan harap these words can be beaten into me easily. As time passed by, and we met random kinds of men, sooner or later, we'll learn something new. That's what I've learn. Well, men do act like elastic rubber band to women. They get close to you, but when they need their time alone - They actually need it. Women would always get it wrong because generally a woman pulls away for different reasons while man can even pulls away even without something is wrong.

Actually, we have to let them be. The more you let them be free, the more he will get attached to you. Well currently, I'm experimenting on it. Hahahaha. More explaination? Google this keyword.. 'Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus'.

Got to go!

p.s Saya selesema.

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