April 11, 2009

It’s a wonderful evening and I met this guy – Basya. I’m not sure how his name exactly spelled, but that’s how I hear Beatrice pronounced it. Ba-Sya. He’s a final semester student (Master of Finance) from Jordan, majorly speaks in Arabic language and a Muslim. He’s once Beatrice special one. Haha. Ops. Sorry Beat. Hahaha.

“So, tell me. How did you meet her?” I asked Basya. Breaking the silence. Well, what do you expect? Rasa bersalah juga tiba-tiba datang mengganggu, I was actually about to go but Beatrice insist me to join them. I came as Beatrice’s friend. After saying ‘Hi how are you’, since I don’t know him, the first question is.. “How did you meet her?” Hahahaha.

Beatrice bulatkan mata tengok I.

Basya replied, “She’s the first girl I know here. She was sitting there (pointing somewhere at The Mall Kachi) with this chinese guy. Bla bla bla..” He starts talking about the chinese guy he’d mention pula.. Then he say that the second time he met Beatrice was the first time he approaches her.

We’re just having a simple conversation. About Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur (he loves KL), about his plan to further his study to PhD, about the Matahari song by Agnes Monica, and about the girls he’d befriend with. There’s times when Beatrice pandang macam nak makan. Yala, sahabatnya ini merapu dan bertanya macam-macam kat Basya. Until Basya says that Beatrice is his special case.

How sweet. Special case huh? I guess that i’m a special case for Abang too :)
No point here. Move!

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