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Sunday, March 01, 2009 posted at 18:39 ♥

Begini ceritanya.

Alkisahnya pada waktu tengah malam tadi, kedua-dua henset saya kehabisan kredit. Mana mau cari top-up card tengah malam? Acara mengesemes tertangguh semalam. Memang sangat geram.

Kesimpulannya, semalam rasa marah sangat itu sebab ketiadaan kredit. Sampai mahu kahwin segala. Kohkohkoh.

List for today :

  1. Today I've hired Ayu (budak semester dua) to work under my bureau. Untuk memudahkan kerja-lah.
  2. Puan Mala texted me to call her around 11.00 PM.
  3. Dayah told me to send a letter to Pengetua DPP Bukit Kachi 2, Encik Mus, and do some report about the Zapin Festival to claim all the money we've spend.
  4. The head of the Unitary Cultural Festival will come here to fetch the registration form from me around 11.00 PM also.
  5. Tonight, there will be a short briefing to new members of Audirasari. I'll mention about:
  • Audirasari's background and contribution to DPP.
  • Relationship with each other
  • Coming business
  • The organization
  • Vision and Mision
  • Coming event
  • 3B's = Beauty, Brain, Behaviour.
  • A week before, 3 days before, right before, while, and after .. every event.
  • Dancing skill (Wirama, Wiraga, Wirasa - Aku memang tak pernah lupa falsafah ini) that an Audirasarian should have.
  • As well as other personal dancing prop.
  • Commitment is compulsary.

Saya memang OBSES tentang tarian termasuk segala pengurusan dan disiplin :D

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Anonymous shima said...

kamu sgt workaholic. hehe. all the best dear.

02 March, 2009 12:24  
Anonymous Fina said...


i LOVE working! :D tp utk perkara yg sy minat je la. kalo tak minat? haram.

02 June, 2009 22:18  

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