February 12, 2009

Skipped Multicultural Class.
Midsem exam and freezing (Haha) for Penyelidikan Sains Sosial at 'The Freezer', DKG2/9.
Meeting with coursemates.
Individual Counseling class cancelled.
Wait for this Indian guy, Gunalan, to finish his class until 6.30 PM, kemudian bersama-sama ke salah satu bangunan COLGIS. Mula-mula memang mahu hantar assignment, tetapi selepas berdiskusi, kami memutuskan untuk hantar esok saja-lah. At some point, i think i saw him blinking his eyes to me. Okay, mungkin dia cuma mahu bersilap mata. Samada dia tersilap kelip, sengaja terkelip, atau saya yang tersilap tengok. Haha.

I reached the bus stop for Bukit Kachizer at around 7.15 PM. No creatures around and it's dark already. I was so panic!

Okey, Fina tipu. Hehe.
Pukul 7.15 petang. Keadaan waktu itu masih siang lah. I'm at Semenanjung Malaysia now, remember? There was 2-3 girls at the nearby bus stop. Laluan C's. Terfikir mahu panggil saja pemandu kereta sapu macam Abg Ad? Oh no dear. Talkative sangat dia tu. Saya tidak larat mahu melayan cakap-cakap dia yang kadang-kadang entah apa-apa waktu penat-penat macam ini, because, at that time, I really feel like booming.

Jadi siapakah hamba ALLAH yang sudi datang ambil dan hantar saya balik kolej? Haih. Abg lah. Thanks so much sayang.. In every thing I manage to remember, I realized that no matter what happen between us, he would always around when I was down, or in trouble. No matter how far I'd run away from him, ironically he's still the one I'll run to.

in loving somebody. You fight, you make up, and then you will still fight again over the silliest things. You even stop talking for a little while. Despite knowing that somehow you don't really mean to upset the one you love, you argue for things you don't see eye to eye, but in the end, love is going to conquer it all. Sometimes you become strangers, love is the reason that connects you again. No matter how many hurdles may come in the way, you'll still find a way to get through it.

He fetched me while we're still in our 'perang dingin'. Yes, we don't talk during the first few while, but minutes later, we talk. Like nothing happened before.

It's such a miracle. This love thing - always amazed me.

Back to reality, will you?

9.45 PM. Latihan kawad untuk Sambutan Jubli Perak nanti. Kemudian pukul 11 ada sedikit perbincangan dengan Tracy berkaitan projek.

11.25 at the same night.
I was a bit disappointed about Audirasarians.
So sorry to Aina, for being my innocent victim. I've controlled my anger, but I think it still look obvious in some part. Told you guys, I'm not good at pretending as if everything is okay.

Checked my schedule and this saturday is a perfect time for me to go outing with abg. Its almost a month we don't really spend time together, or even having lunch together due to our schedule that not fit each other - except for this Saturday. Abg remind me about Valentine's Day that also will fall on this Saturday. Oh, Valentine's Day huh? Nah.

Ohya, upcoming event.
The Audirasarians including me, will be performing for COLGIS SPRING FESTIVAL at Dewan Kachi on 21th February. Probably, my last performance for this semester. So, fellow UUM - especially Kachiezians and Bank Rakyatians, do come see us and the other 13 performance!


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