p.s I Love You.

February 14, 2009

Semuanya seperti yang dirancang. Pergi Jitra beli props tarian termasuk barang mekap, then pergi ke Pasaraya Aneka tengok wayang - filem Geng Ipun Ipin. Saya mau tengok cerita hantu, abang mau tengok cerita katun - akhirnya, saya mengalah untuk tengok cerita katun. Ni pun sebab, hobi dia adalah menengok wayang. Jika tanya saya, saya lebih suka ke tempat yang berangin dan berpanorama indah. Tengok, saya sangat patuh kan. Haih. Nasib bercinta dengan orang materialistik. So much difference, but lucky him - he found such a flexible woman like me. Haha.

Kemudian ke KFC. Dan terus balik ke kolej.

We're not celebrating that Valentine's Dating Day, MIND YOU. As I told you before, i've checked my schedule and found out that this saturday (which is, today) will be a perfect day for us since it's almost a month we don't really spend time together, or even having lunch together due to our schedule. I have to get out of all this, having some rest and enjoy. And spending some quality time with him.

Life with all work and no fun at all is sucks.

P.s Thanks so much for the wonderful day dear. I know i was quite over-react towards you recently, but that doesn't mean anything. We're so happy together and nothing else matter.
P.P.s I love you.

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