February 03, 2009

Ok. CINTA. Siapa pernah jatuh cinta?
Saya? Memang sah pernahlah. Tidak nampak ke ada kesan calar-calar sikit pada objek warna merah ni?

Oh. Okay okay. Memang tak nampak. Saya seorang saja yang nampak.

Be serious, Fina.

What happen when you love somebody - to the hilt?

I've been through in several relationship but I'd only fell in love once.

I saw it in others' too, and I'd already saw how it brings laughter and tears at the same time, how it destroy friendships, how it changed my friends, about unfaithfulness, how people can easily mistaken 'perasaan ingin memiliki' and 'CINTA', how it can change every single part of ones values and behaviour, and everything that I can't quite understand at times yet I am still enjoy being mesmerized by its’ wonders because I saw the goodness it brings to life.

Love is such a beautiful word and just the surface of it shows how it can never hurt you. But there seems to be the most of it when you really come to the depth of it. Who said, love's going to be all roses? So you've got to be prepared for the worst. Cuz, somewhere some unpleasant things can come too. And sometimes you are least prepared. You neither expect it but you've got to face it. Well, imperfections are everywhere and in everything. We've got to accept that simple fact. Or else we're going to drown somewhere and never come out of it.

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