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Saturday, February 28, 2009 posted at 23:59 ♥

Tensionnya akuuuu..

Tak tahulah kenapa. Boleh tak saya tidak pergi kelas esok? Boleh tak saya tidak buat assignment? Boleh tak saya mau pergi Langkawi malam ini juga? (Aik kenapa Langkawi?)

Tolong tolong. Tolong tolong. Tolong tolong.
I want something new please..

Mau kahwin lah. Boleh? Siapa sudi? Haha. Desperate ke apa ni Fina??

Oklah. Enough with the nonsense.

Quick update.
  • Sudah tengoh cerita Pink Panther II. Not bad. Yet, I still did't understand, yang mana satu Pink Panther sebenarnya? Creature warna pink itu kah (Sebenarnya tunggu kehadiran creature itu tapi tidak pula muncul) atau sejenis berlian yang yang didakwa sebagai Pink Panther dalam cerita itu tadi? And, Aishwarya Rai look georgeous in that movie :)
  • Called Armin by phone. Oh my God, I miss him a lot. We used to talk about our friendship in every conversation we have. And still. He's now studying paramedic, having health problem (genetically) and no girlfriend. Haih. Demanding.
  • Perang lagi dengan abang.
  • Ogy dropped Prof Hanafi's class. Prof didn't allow her to take mid-sem exam (gantian) cuz on the exact day, she have to go to KLK - for 20 percent. Pity her. Then she dropped the class, cuz she believe that she will get only D or C for this class. Salah satu perkara yang buat mood saya down. I don't think that's a good decision. But she had dropped it already.
  • Bought flight ticket back to Sabah on 8th May.

Hati rasanya sedang berdarah-darah ni.
Sedang berombak-ombak juga.
Mahu mengamuk.



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