There's No Exact Reason For Loving You..

January 27, 2009

50 Random Reasons why I love You
Januari 26, 2009 - 01:22 — Fina

01) The way you stand by my side

02) The times you make jokes of me!

03) How you always want to be the very best for me

04) When I'm sad, you take the pain away and soothen my heart with every way you think will work

05) How you always look deep into my eyes

06) How you can make my heart melt wih your smile

07) The way you taking care of me

08) The way you never want to let me go

09) The way you make sure I have everything I needed from you

10) The way you look or sound like when you get really serious on something

11) When you buy or give me things even small little things

12) To know how hard it is for you to do the cutest things over and over again just to make me happy

13) You know i am extra-clumsy girl. And you always there to keep your eyes on me.. Million of thanks dear. You're my friend-in-need..

14) The way you stare at me as if I am the most beautiful woman in the world!

15) The times when you let me mad at you

16) The way you look at me when i upset you..

17) The smile you give without saying anything :)

18) The way you act like a dork but make me laugh

19) The way you love me like no others

20) Knowing you are mine :)

21) The way you walk when you get sad

22) The look you make when you get jealous

23) For how i always can be myself in front of you

24) How you make me cry for hurting you

25) The way we get mad to each other during the night but everything turns normal on the next morning, or even the next 5 minutes!

26) How i can always count on you even for silly thing or even for my own mistake

27) How you listen to me talk for hours

28) When you gets my jokes :p

29) How we can always be very happy together :]

30) How I can never hate you

31) For having you in every single breath I take

32) The way you say, "Kenapa?"

33) How you tell me long stories that have no meaning, but you know I'll listen anyway

34) the way you forgive me right after i asked for your apologize 10 minutes later

35) How you forgive me when I do wrong

36) How you hardly ever get mad at me

37) How we both get along so well

38) How i can cry to you on the phone without being shy or embarassed

39) The way you smile..

40) The way you being 'manja' to me :) i think it's sweet.

41) The way I turn you on, without me doing anything

42) How you can just speak your mind

43) How you would do anything I say

44) The way you love me more and more each day :)

45) The way my mom seems to likes you. Hehe

45) How i always get mad at you but your silence magically turns off my anger.

46) The way you will do almost everything to fulfill my need..

47) For always been there..

48) For wanting me in your life FOREVER

49) For believing that i am different from any other girls/woman


I actually wrote this a month before. But finished and sent this to his mail ( yesterday..
Bukan kerana hari istimewa. Atau apa-apa.
Cuma mahu menyiram magik dan stardust di hati itu..

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  1. hehee. this is REALLY sweet my dear. best sgt to love sm1 n be loved by sm1. =) sy doakan fina bahagia selalu n selamanya. n may this friendship grows well too.

    p/s: i read ur blog b4 my blog exist pun..i love ur shoutout. =) keep in touch. xoxo

  2. shima,

    oh sist, mcm first time jumpe org sebaik n seikhlas sist dlm dunia blog ni.. T___T sungguh terharu.

    yup, moga persahabatan kita smkin teguh.. =)