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Thursday, December 04, 2008 posted at 05:14 ♥

know what i do everyday during holidays??

wake up as 'early' as i can [but still missed the 'morning hours' everyday], taking bath, make-up - cuz my sist often say that my face looks pale without it, and then my mom will goes like.. 'u wear it [make-up] too much, thats why ur face will look pale without it'. and my dad will goes like 'have u really taken ur bath???'. urghh.

i'll choose to wear make-up eventhough i'll just stay home for the rest of the day. my dad often says 'dont put it too much.' and abg will say 'where r u going?'. haha. hey, come on. its not like i'm going anywhere when i put my make-up on.. i have my right to look beautiful. wawawa.

okay. enuf with that make-up issues.

after that, i'll cook for the family. but if ayah ada, its mom's turn to cook. and as usual, if sy yang masak, petang paling awal jam 2-3 baru siap or stat. mama slalu membebel sbb tu. telinga ni dah tebal dah sgt2. u know, thats a kind of training to be like 'tak peduli apa org kata. janji bahagia'. hehe.

then watch tv til midnight. my favourite channel? its Disney Channel! wooho! Hannah Montana, Cory in the House, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Wizard of Waverly Place, the disney's original movie (i always love it!), That's so Raven, etc.. and some cartoons like Totally Spies.. they're funny. hehe. pastu online smpai subuh.

what a routine.. on my holidays!

or should i call it, boringdays??

here's some photo i took today.

i got a korean-chinese-japanese look huh?? hoho. this remind me on something, back to 2005. some korean teenagers (around my age) arrived at our sweet lil home (actually diorg singgah makan - mom buat gerai kecil time tu) and that's among my 1st time talking with foreigners. one of the guy who sat beside me (as i was there with them) told me that i'm beautiful and can't believe that i don't have boyfriend at that time. well, for me its more likely like, i'll be beautiful - if i'm a korean. hehe. then cuma, satu perkara yang wat sy nak gelak bila ingat, die tunjuk mp3 kat sy, assuming that i'd never saw it. urgh. at time, that pissed me off. but anyway, that was one of the sweetest memories of my life :]



Anonymous Lead said...


"my dad will goes like 'have u really taken ur bath???'. urghh."

06 December, 2008 07:46  
Anonymous Fina said...


jom ah gelak :D

02 June, 2009 21:21  

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