November 04, 2008

Oya. Today.

I checked out his profile on Friendster site (saw him in my Friendster Viewer list).

To my surprise, he’s in relationship with another girl. Another? Ya. The last time I checked his Friendster site (since he spied on my Friendster page too. Wawawa), I’d really thought he’s in love. truly in love. was about to let go (I’d never really let go) ..but I was totally wrong about 'he's in love' thing. What am I thinking? He’s always h i m. Are you still playing around with that old brand new love game with cutie chinese look girls, dear? Sometimes I wonder, when will he get tired of all of it? And by the second thought, oh. No, of course he’ll not. He’s still 22. And he’s still a handsome guy with that horny look. Wah!

Hehe. Kidding.

Seriously. I love him. Loving him dearly - but he have to stay out of knowing this. dia - lelaki asing pertama menyentuh hati dan hidup ini, dan saya akui, jejak yang dia tinggalkan masih ada.. dan saya telah lama memaafkan segalanya kerana sume tu adalah kerana kekhilafan kami berdua jua. Cinta tidak mesti memiliki. Ape yang saya benar-benar harapkan, saya mau dia akan jatuh cinta lagi seperti dia mencintai saya dahulu (Yes, he do) dan mau dia lebih lebih lebih bahagia. i want him to be true of himself, to find himself.. cuz deep inside, I know what he is and what he can give to ones beside him. i don't care keep staying out from his life. here's where i meant to be..

But to be true, I don’t like his current relationship with that girl. Oh peliss! He deserve MORE than..!


He’s still my past, hubby dear is my future. And I’ll certainly choose the future. Without any doubt. After all these times, I’ll be truly happy for myself, if I know he's happy for himself.

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