October 31, 2008

31th OCTOBER 2008

'Abg nak datang Kachi. Discussion. Leh jumpe lepas tu.' lebih kurang macam ini mesejnya.

Kebetulan petang itu saya sedang online di depan pejabat DPP Kolej Kachi 2. Hati berbunga2. Dia datang bersama Amirul, temannya, tidak lama selepas itu. bawa mknan. we talk a lil while around 10 minutes, then he away going to see his girl friends as planned..

i waited about two hours only to know that he forgot about his promise to come to see me after his discussion! guys. its a bad idea to break your promises to a woman you love. Promise is a promise, something we should keep. when u break it, its no more a promise. for a woman, its like u say 'hey i take you for granted' or 'u're nothing important for me'

I cried awhile that evening because my heart feel like breaking to death then fell asleep until 10pm. I texted him and he called me by phone to say sorry. I spoke up my mind, about what I truly feel about it. boleh saja jika saya mahu mendiamkan diri sya and just walk away from all that, but still i want to give love a chance. or should i really have to walk away? bukan sekali ini saja perkara ini berlaku. i want his appreciation, his heart, his ALL.. to stay strong beside him.. :(

He used to hear me crying over silly thing when I get mad or ‘datang bulan’. I don’t know how he do it, but through the end, I always found myself laughing at him. And he laughs, too.

That’s one of the reason why I love him so much.

..and it remains as an unfinished business.

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