October 03, 2008

hey :)

last time i've put kad2 raya dr kwn2 friendster sy, well, sorry guys, i've deleted it since my blog seems got a slow-loading problem.

today is our 3rd raya. i dun take pic that much like people do. but 1st raya and 2nd raya was a blast! at 2nd raya, i just wears t-shirt and my black slack. here, nobody really cares. susah bah bergerak sana sini pakai such that formal and lady-like attire - bju kurung and all - since my fmly buat open-house on that day.

on the 1st raya, we went to kubur - menziarahi dan baca yasin. kubur arwah nenek n datuk sblh mama dan ayah, kazen - arwah tati dan anip yang meninggal 2006 lalu.. semoga roh mereka semua dicucuri rahmat..

pastu bergerak pulang ke kg terus g beraya kat umah2 pakcik n makcik. raya pertama g 5 buah rumah je. raya kedua tak g mana2 but mlmnya ke umah pakcik yang sulung utk majlis hari keluarga sebelah ayah.

malam tu lah padil - my kazen - gtau yg S is coming on 3rd raya. after these two years, this is what i've been waiting for. i want to show him the happy me. that i can be happy and bahagia even without him in my life. but what's left now is a girl who is silently crying over and over again. damn, i got the other man here twisting my heart and playing some love game inside my head!

i got 1 message for u here.
never get too deep into a thing called love. i mean, love to the opposite sex (atau yg sama. x bermaksud menggalakkan acara sedemikian ye) u'll laugh (of cos) and then u'll find urself crying. if u get too attached to it, u'll fall very hard, dear..

about s. i don't know if i want to see him today.

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