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MNW '08
Tuesday, October 28, 2008 posted at 00:00 ♥

1st of all,
to all those yang same2 menjayakan Malam Nostalgia Warisan pada 17hb Oktober lepas, diucapkan berbanyak2 terima kasih dan sila datang lagi.

even majlis tu is a failure kat mata orang lain, dan some people ckp 'jadikan ini pengajaran atau pengalaman' utk bg sume tu reasonable dan maybe lari dari kritikan, but for me, it's more than that. yup. mmg satu pengajaran kepada org tertentu dan saya, as well. but hey. u handled two projects, and every of your project failed kerana kedegilan awak tidak menerima pendapat org lain dan for u, as u hold 'the title', u want every people ikut telunjuk awak tanpa pertimbangkan cadangan dan saranan org lain. dun deny it, cuz it looks totally obvious. mmg saya nampak seperti menyalahkan. yup. we can't stay righteous all the time anyway. i dun want to speak much here, - just hoping that u come to realize bout what other people talked at ur back. i heard enuf. i saw enuf. and i HAD enuf.

did u see me? in grey circle :] walking to the front wakil amik rewards.
Kumpulan Rumandawi won! the ONLY thing that great during that night. proud of all of u guys.

p/s 'kemaafan itu dendam yang terindah'

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