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Tuesday, July 08, 2008 posted at 11:00 ♥

hye dear all..

its been a while since i don't update my blog.
life's good, for sure.

i just finished reading an international novel translated from Chinese to english.. "FEBRUARY FLOWERS" by Fan Wu. cost RM33 which i bought on the middle of my holiday (end of May). its about friendship between two different person. between girlhood and womenhood. its a good story anyway.. it changed some part of my view of life. memorable story, i should say :)

it remind me about my friendship between Amoy and I. we're two different people. i learnt so much things i guess i'll never learn if i have never befriend with her, and maybe she feels the same way too.

okay back to life.

its been 4 nights already, kembali menjalani kehidupan sebagai pelajar kampus. its been 5 nights i have a toothache, and 4 nights having headache.

i'm not happy. ya i guess i'm not.

not because the toothache. or the headache. or the night class i have to attend every night (the 1st time i hv night class.. 4 mlm berturut2 - because of the kuota yang HEA sediakan), or the smelly paper tupperware, or.. or..

erm okay. u got me. so many things. it all blend. and it annoys me as well.

this is just a silly thoughts of mine. don't bother.

we can't always stay positive all the time right?



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