July 09, 2008

last night i looked at my face from my mirror, touching my right cheek. i thought i got ulser.. but once i open my mouth widely just to have a look at part yang sakit tu, i realized there's something white coming up from my back gum..

i don't know why the growing teeth have to bring so much pain. pity for the babies, no wonder they cries a lot during the period where their tooth grow and grow.... i don't know for the babies, but mine, the toothache brings headhache! it feels like migrain. uhhh..

but nevermind. haha. i got new teeth! well, every adult will have this kind of pain, some of your tooth will come up when you reach around this age. adult age. once my friend told me, her father have this only after he got married.

my Personality class. met azizul. my semester one ex-classmate. he's the only one i knew well in that class. he's the one who found me my assignment group. of course i can do it by myself, but ya, he helped me and let me sit beside him for every class and i'm thankful for that. it's been quite tiring when you have to make friend (read: approaching to befriend) with at least some people in every class you attend. i'm not the kind of people who approach other people, but a kind of person who you have to take first step to approach instead. doesn't mean i don't like to make friends, and i don't even know if i got plenty or less friends, but i know, all my friends are the greatest friend for everybody to have in their life :)

i realized there's some number of fellow blogger had visited this blog during these several days.. once again, please pardon my english, maybe i've done so much phrase and grammar mistakes, but i'm in the process of learning :) thanks for dropping by to all. i'll put your link here by time to time, keep on blogging about your beautiful lifes, keep on visiting and really hope that we'll learn something from one another.

it's almost twelve pm now.. gotta go.

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