July 03, 2008

i'm going to Kota Kinabalu today.. until my next semester break, today is going to be my last day at home. kinda sad leaving all this.. but so excited that i will have the chance hanging out with my friends there! seriously.. i miss them so much!

could it be the same again, dear friends??

hurmm.. remember Ralph? which i mention in my previous entry entitled 'The Perfect Stranger'. haha. he called me by phone just now.. it feels like a long long time to remember since we don't contact each other. minding with our own business. he ask me to hang out together, again, once i got back to UUM at tomorrow. yea i'm looking forward for it, he's a interesting man, you should know that. haha. wait, even i'm in a flirty mood, am i going to flirt with him? yaii.. of coz not. he's just a nice friend of mine. i remember when i went to Lumut Perak.. he do treat me and my friends really like three beautiful princesses from Gunung Jerai. wahhh! terlebih sudah ;p

he said that he's at UUM Kedah now. he said that he come alone. then for what reason he's there without his friends with? he must be up to something.

i haven't finish packing my things yet. daa..

for every love, there is one heart somewhere to deserve..
for every beauty, there is one eye somewhere to see..

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