June 11, 2008

started writing this post at noon.

just came back from the school canteen. primary school.. temporarily replacing my mom as she's having another some important tasks to be done. what a busy tauke. its been 3 days already. and its been 3 precious day which i managed to wake up earlier! and for tomorrow too, for sure. haha.

so lazy la nak bangun awal pagi,..
but once i got in the car, everything went just right and as i arrived, i was started to like the tensions of working - which is kinda fun. masak, mengemas, dealing with those kids, cuci piring.. haha.
i do all the works. well it IS fine with me. at least i don't waste my time sleep until almost 9am. at least i'm sure, things will always be done by time.

having some chat with those aunts (my aunts. hehe), and those teachers. i always thinks that its much more comfortable having some chat with the elder. oh maybe its a sign that i should marry an +40 aged guy. which, should happen to be single, romantic, handsome, rich, not too tall, love beaching, willing to do anything for me,,,,,,,


okay. enuf bubbling.

i'm up to something actually. my dancers are going to perform their dances on this 14th Jun (this upcoming saturday) so i'm thinking about the props. props always make the traditional dancing looks greater (grrrrrand? haha). everything is prepared except for the fake flowers for sanggul. erm, we do have it but i wish to buy some new as those old fake flowers dah rosak. it can never rosak if i always around. huhu.. daa~ u know kids.

i'm still proceeding downloading the drama i told u before. currently, the 20th of 30th episodes. then i'll look up for some movies to download. no more drama i guess - despite how great the drama is, at the other side, its torturing! i guess i'll hv to spend 2 more days finishing those downloads. nasib baik it feels berbaloi download citer 'The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog' ni cuz there's so many morals you can learn from it. not mentioning about the hillarious parts.

oh. those kids has arrived. latihan menari. hari ni praktis tarian Sumazau. the traditional dance for my ethnic, kadazandusun.
i hadn't tell u yet, did i?
its for kaamatan fiest here. held at the next village. i've been tod that its 5 village participation. we're using this song for the sumazau dance - Gunung Kinabalu. that is where we're next to now so i choose this song :)


7.15 PM

one of my jari kaki get hurt! well, i was trying a new dance step when my right leg accidently hit (??) my left leg. its something that happen eventually when u r dancing but stop being careful. oh my God, i paused for 2-3 second. it feels like screaming! but i held myself hardly. so the kids don't realize it.

today and few days after going to be so painful.. haha.

nana, can u be extra careful with urself next time please..

the dance.
changing the song. i replace 'Malaysia: Truly Asia' to 'Dia Datang' song. 'Dia Datang' is a short venture song. we'll have enuf time practicing to make all the dance even more sharper and grrrrrand since the show is going to be this saturday. well, we're paid. so i have to make it worthy.

oh, change the date n move it to the next saturday pleaseeee..

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